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Merry Grinch-mas Blanket Sweater/Shrug

Grinch-mas Sweater/Shrug

I was browsing Pinterest recently for an easy poncho tutorial when I came across the most snuggly looking blanket sweater/shrugs. I knew that I didn't have time to crochet anything prior to our Christmas festivities, but I did have some fun green sweater knits that I had purchased at this fall's Denver Sewing Guild fabric sale. I chose this sweater knit to make my Grinch-mas blanket sweater/shrug; I love the color and while I'm not feeling Grinchy this year, it is the perfect Grinch-green.

Green Sweater Knit Fabric

Green Sweater Knit Fabric

I decided to make my sweater/shrug 46" wide by 32" long. I folded the corners in to the center to match up those edges and make the arm openings. I sewed the seam halfway closed and left the rest open for my arms. I hemmed the arm openings so that the edges don't ravel.

Green sweater/shrug in process

Because of the raw edges along the body opening of the fabric, I decided to also add an (approximate) 2" band around the edge. I didn't take any measurements, I just cut some 4 inch strips of the sweater knit and pinned them to the sweater/shrug. Once I got all the way around, I cut off the excess and sewed the ends together.

4 inch strips of green sweater knit

Completed grinch-green sweater shrug

I also added a Sabrina Winckler Sews garment label; I'm really happy with how they turned out, although this is not the highest quality photo.

Sabrina Winckler Sews Clothing Label

The sweater/shrug got a good steamy press with the iron and, viola! It's complete!

Sweater Shrug on dress form

Sweater Shrug on dress form with coordinating scarf

I even have the perfect matching scarf!

Unfortunately, I think the sweater/shrug looked atrocious with my skin tone so I didn't wear it, but I found it a good home with a dear friend. It will look fabulous on her!

What do you think? Does Grinch-green go with all skin tones? :D

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