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My Micro Sewing Kit

A sewing kit in a plastic mint container
My Micro Sewing Kit

I have always tried to be prepared for the worst, some days I think I would have made the best girl/boy scout (or prepper), but since I never joined the girl or boy scouts, we'll never know. 😜

For as much sewing as I do, you'd think that a sewing kit would be the first item that goes into my bag. Funny enough, until recently that wasn't the case and very rarely have I needed one (item #1 is actually a small first aid kit).

The problem that I run into is that I'm trying so hard to be prepared that my bag gets full (and heavy) very fast. Since I'm constantly trying to lighten my load, every super cute sewing kit I've put together has been deemed too big for my bag and thus, relegated back to my sewing room. Determined to carry a sewing kit, my goal was to put together the smallest kit I could, while still containing everything I could need on the go.

I tried an Altoid tin first, there are so many cute examples on Pinterest, but it wasn't a good fit for me. Also, it was too big for the cosmetic bag that I carry in my purse. Ludicrous, right? Standard size Altoid tins are not a big carrying container. Then, I decided to try a small shallow mint tin with a slide off top; I could fit quite a bit in it, but it was Christmas themed and also a bit too small. Clearly, I was having a Goldilocks moment.

Metal Mint Containers

The mint container below is something that I had bought because I love skeletons and I loved even more that the skeletons were "creating". I literally only bought it for this reason, the mints went into another container when I got home and the box was placed in stasis with my other containers. Yes, I have a thing for containers, cute mint tins, fun cosmetic bags... I collect them and they make me happy. I'm even happier when I find the perfect use for them.

Plastic mint box with skeletons on top

I mentally compiled a list of what I wanted to put into my micro sewing kit. Thread and needles are obvious, along with safety pins and a few buttons. Scissors... I thought it would be ok if I didn't add these as I already have a pair in my first aid kit.

I had a round, cardboard "thread spool" from a store bought sewing kit that was quickly added after I squished it flat, I also added safety pins and buttons. I needed some additional thread colors, so I wound some neutral threads onto an embroidery thread card which lays nice and flat at the bottom of the box. I tucked 4 needles into a piece of felt; 2 of the needles are pre-threaded with white and black thread. The felt rolls up to save space and keep the needles in place. I was feeling pretty "just right" at this moment.

The box still had some space in it so I decided to add a small curved needle that may come in handy some day, along with a small piece of tailors chalk just in case I'm ever caught in a situation where I need to mark up fabric (super prepared, remember?).

By this point I've changed my mind, I can't let go of the idea that I need a small pair of scissors in my sewing kit because 2 is 1, and 1 is none (don't worry, its a prepper saying), SO, I started digging through ALL of my sewing supplies to see if I had a pair that might fit in this tiny kit. I figured I had a pair of fold up scissors lying around, the kind that you typically see with store bought kits, but then I FOUND THEM. They were tucked in a vintage sewing kit that has seen better days, but they fit in this kit PERFECTLY. I've already used those scissors several times.

From Left: Red leather thimble, misc. threads, mini scissors, needles in felt, buttons and safety pins. In the center, a small piece of tailors chalk and a curved needle.
From Left: Red leather thimble, misc. threads, mini scissors, needles in felt, buttons and safety pins. In the center, a small piece of tailors chalk and a curved needle.

Today I decided I needed to add a thimble. I've been doing some hand sewing lately and forgot how sore my finger tip gets if I'm not wearing one. I really like soft leather thimbles, but didn't have any extras I could add, so I made myself a couple with some red leather scraps I had on hand. The leather is just heavy enough to protect my finger tip.

A micro sewing kit

What about you? Do you have an "emergency" kit that you carry in your bag? Is it small or big? Does it contain a sewing kit? Let me know in the comments below!


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