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The Scarf That Helps You Sleep...

Have you ever heard of a travel sleep scarf? Me either, but I made one! I love to travel, but hate to fly so I always try to sleep on the flight. The trouble is that my arms are never comfortable. They just seem too...loose? Untethered? Have you experienced this and know what I mean?

Anyway, I started playing around with the idea before our most recent family trip; I shortened an infinity scarf that I had made years ago so that when I tuck my arms into the loop, it stretches just enough to hold my arms securely against my body.

It may look stupid, but I slept great and it also had the unexpected benefit of keeping my arms and hands toasty warm on the chilly airplane. I've had the fabric a long time so I have no idea what it's made of, probably some acrylic blend. It's a loose-ish weave sweater knit, super soft to the touch and slightly stretchy which is really what made this scarf work.

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