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Pricing& Policies


Unfortunately, there is no set price for a custom garment.  Every garment that I create is unique, like you!  Each facet of the garment is tailored to your fit and style and it does take time to make sure that every detail is perfect.

Below are some pricing guides for figure skating dresses, as those are my specialty.  If you are interested in working with me on another item, please reach out and we can discuss your needs so that I can provide you with a quote.

  • Basic Custom Dress, no embellishment: $300+

  • Custom Dress with applique, cutwork, or up to 500 rhinestones: $500+

  • Custom Dress with 500+ rhinestones or a combination of applique, cutwork & rhinestones: $650+

As stated above, these prices are starting points, once we have discussed your design, I will be able to better estimate the cost of your project.

I am sensitive to the fact that custom work is expensive; you get what you pay for and this is something that will fit you exactly that no one else will have. Custom clothing of any kind is an investment. Having said that, please let me know if you are interested in a payment plan, I can set these up on a case by case basis.

Shop Policies

All sales are final; due to the nature of the garments I create, I cannot accept returns. Please reach out to me within 30 days of delivery if you are experiencing any issues with your garment.

During your consultation, we will go through what I call the "discovery process". This process helps me to learn about you and your needs and wishes. Please come with any inspo photos or drawings, music selections, the date that you need the garment by, etc., to help me develop your design and provide you with a quote.  

Once the quote has been accepted, a 50% deposit is due. After the deposit has been received, work can begin! I will collect your measurements and also provide you with a sketch of the design for you and your coach's approval (if necessary). This sketch is my blueprint for your garment. I will order the fabric and other supplies following the finalization and approval of the sketch. When the basic garment has been sewn, I will contact you for a fitting before any embellishments are applied to the garment (making final alterations is much easier when I don't have to work around rhinestones). 

I have basic fabric color swatches on hand, but ordering swatches may be necessary for specialty colors or fabrics and may extend the delivery timeframe.

The delivery date will be discussed during "discovery". Please let me know if you need a rush order.  Rush orders are accepted based on my bandwidth and are subject to an additional 25% surcharge + any expedited shipping fees I incur to have your fabric and supplies rush delivered. 


The standard timeframe for a custom figure skating dress is about 8-12 weeks. This timeframe can fluctuate depending on my bandwidth, the design details, the need for fabric swatches, fabric and supply delivery times and fitting schedules. These times may also vary if we have agreed upon a payment plan. 

Final payment is due upon delivery of your garment, this also includes payment plans.

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